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Reduce Wasted Time

Reduce the time it takes to complete paperwork and the chances of administrative errors. Our easy to use software allows you to manage work-orders in real time.

Improve Customer Experience

Our system allows you to collect and manage your detailed work-orders and client history directly from the field. It enhances the customer experience by letting you capture customer specific information within the work-order (pictures, signatures, etc.) to verify that a job was done. It also allows your field-technicians to upsell while on the job.

Web & Mobile Use

Go mobile with iOS, Android or most common web browser platforms, which allows you to access your appointments and/or customer data right from your fingertips.

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Calculate ROI

Company Details

Company Name
Your Name
Cost of Field Technican / Year
Number of Field Technicians and Office Users
Number of Jobs / Day
Average Value / Job
Cost of Capital

Using a Traditional Paper Clipboard

Time to Complete Paperwork (in minutes)
Time to Generate Reports (in minutes)
Time between Completed Work and Date of Invoice (in days)

Using Virtace's inField Clipboard

Time to Complete Paperwork (in minutes)
Time to Generate Reports (in minutes)
Time between Completed Work and Date of Invoice (in days)

The inField Clipboard Results

Cost without inField Clipboard / Year
Cost of Using inField Clipboard / Year
Savings / Year
Annual Return on Investment (ROI) in Months

Plus, reduced cost or better utilization of the following items. — consider the following as a brainstorm as we need to word smith these

  • The cost of Printed Forms
  • Increased use of your Mobile Devices – they should be used for more then just voice, email and text.
  • Better utilize your staff … go from doing mandate tasks to revenue generating activities.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by improving how your communication and work.
  • Increased ability to audit your business.
  • Increase in the value of your business by automating your processes

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inField Clipboard


Main Features
Easy to use
Head office & technician login
Sub-contractor login
Client login
Technician Features
Access via tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 8)
Access via smartphone (Samsung – Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3)
View daily schedule & ability to send it via email
View and modify future schedule
View client history
View last report, certificate & quote
Create new blank report, certificate & quote
Digitally submit report, certificate & quote to head office
Attaching pictures to the Work Order
Document Filing Cabinet (store documents, pictures)
Timesheet GPS Logging
View Time Sheets
Client Features
View all sites, history, reports, quotes, & certificates
Notification of completed inspection
Head Office Features
Creative, view, & manage all clients & technicians
Creative, view, & manage all sub-contractors
Create daily schedule & view history
View In-progress, Work Completed and Closed Work Orders
View or modify completed reports, certificates, quotes & submit to clients
View Time Sheets for all Technicians / Sub-Contractors
Document Filing Cabinet (store documents, pictures)
Coming Soon
2D Drawing Tool
Client Location Mapping
Work Order Mapping
3rd Party Application Data Parser Tool
Custom Form Builder
Submit Data to Invoices

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